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Most people rely on the internet these days as their source of information.  Libraries are becoming an ancient idea, especially since the internet makes it possible to read actuall full body book texts online.  Many book related industries are being effected such as book stores, publishing companies, and printing companies, just to name a few.  



2008 Financial Information

Borders Consolidated Statements of Operations


Publishing Company:


2008/09 Financial Information

Scholastic Consolidated Statements of Operations.xls


Printing Company:

RR Donnelley


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How Publishers Propose to Gain a Profit Through Online Book Reading - Shows us how publishers are trying to make a profit while incorporating the use of online reading.  By offering only certain portions of a book, it will entice the reader to buy a physical copy if they want to read the rest.

Cross Media-Should Everything Be Available Online? -An argument giving reasons why not all form of media should be available online by giving a breakdown of the different sources available to the general public.

Decrease in Net Earnings at Third Quarter for RR Donnelley -  Shows the decrease in net earnings for RR Donnelley in the third quarter.  Provides stock information as well as a projection to bounce back up for the fourth quarter.

Borders Closes Waldenbooks in Order to Make Profit -  Borders is a parent company for Waldenbooks.  Borders is well known so in order to cut cost as well as continue to make a profit from their book store, they are closing 200 Waldenbooks.